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Why Ctrl?

A Noob's Guide

What's A Meal Replacement Shake?

Meal replacement shakes are actually a healthy food supplement designed to give your body all the nutrition it needs to perform at it's best. This goodness comes in the form of proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, carbs, fiber and a bunch of other elements, matching or exceeding those of a healthy meal. In our unbiased opinion they absolutely dominate and you're a loser without one.

So, Why Us?

CTRL contains all you could ask for from a powdered meal replacement shake. Not only the stuff that you’ve heard of like proteins, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats but even the things you might not normally pay attention to.. Over 5G of naturally occurring BCAAs, 22+ vitamins & minerals, prebiotic fiber to promote healthy gut bacteria, MCTs to support appetite control and satiation and finally, digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion. But the most important thing? It tastes like the bottom of the cereal bowl.

A MESSAGE FROM THE MEN IN WHITE COATS. "WE loaded CTRL up with 23g of protein per serving (supplying both essential and non-essential amino acids), MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides, a “good” fat), Carbohydrate sources including Acacia Gum (a Prebiotic Fiber), Digestive Enzymes (to help break it all down) and a Vitamin/Mineral blend (to support overall health).

Once the formula was complete, we decided to launch three cereal flavors for the initial run, and after extensive R&D in the lab we found the key addition that took our product to the next level… Real cereal pieces! Taste it and you’ll know what we're talking about, the results speak for themselves”.


At under $3 per serving, CTRL is a much cheaper alternative to the cost of your average meal whilst being just as wholesome, if not more. Check this out - on average (in the US), takeout costs $12.50 and a home cooked meal comes in at $4.31. Feel that? That's your pockets expanding as you save money with CTRL. You can do the maths but incase you can't, 1+1 = Winning.


We get it.. You're busy. We all have busy lifestyles. Whether it’s working, creating content, gaming/streaming or working out, we don’t always have time to cook meals, let alone make them healthy. This often means you order in junk food or even worse, you don't eat at all. CTRL, enters the game.You can make a healthy CTRL meal replacement shake in less than 40 seconds. Yep, 40 seconds. We value your health and time.

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