CTRL 3.0 is almost here.

May 26, 2023

CTRL Family,

Listen up, because we've got some important things to update you on! You might have noticed we've been SOLD OUT of almost everything.

Why? Welcome CTRL 3.0
We've been hustling behind the scenes to take our mind-blowing formula to the next level. It's been a crazy 3+ years since we launched CTRL and since we've transformed the lives of over 100,000+ people!

So, what's the deal?

We have taken a leap forward in taste perfection while creating a refined nutritional profile allowing us to offer a much lower sugar count, lower cholesterol, and more fiber. We’ve also dropped our calorie count to 230 and still provide the same levels of satiation, leaving you feeling fuller but less bloated. Yeah, we really said f*ck the rules and made breakthrough innovations.

In response to your feedback, we have made adjustments to the serving size, now providing you with 15 servings per package. This modification enables us to concentrate our efforts on delivering the highest quality product while maintaining an affordable price point for you.

Anything else?

Of course, a lot more. We've also spiced up our packaging game. Get ready to feast your eyes on a fresh and vibrant design that screams top-tier brand. It's a visual experience that matches the passion and dedication we pour into every damn aspect of our brand.

The countdown is on! Mark your calendars for 6.1.2023, 'cause that's when it all goes down! Thanks a million for being an essential part of our kickass community. We're pumped to dive into this new chapter and keep serving you the best products and grow this thing together. CTRL OUT.